WE HAVE SOLD ALL OF OUR 2019 Excess ewes

For our 2020 production season, we retained nearly 50 replacement ewe lambs, and reduced our milking string numbers slightly from 160 to 150, and so we had to move many mature ewes out of our milking string.  We offered 39 of these 55 excess ewes for sale, all exposed to one of our top two 2019 Lacaune-sired ram lambs.   (The other 16 ewes we didn’t think would be an asset to another sheep dairy, and went to the sale barn.)  Thus what we had for sale are those that either will be good milkers for another flock, or who have enough genetic potential that any daughters or sons from them will provide great genetic improvement to another flock.  Furthermore, their sons or daughters will be 50% of the improved, imported Lacaune genetics, and by that token alone will greatly improve flock genetics.  To see the impact the imported Lacaune genetics are having at Meadowood, please see the table in the document titled “2019 Excess Ewes for Sale”. Description of each ewe offered for sale, along with udder pictures and information on related females, is in “Udder Pics of 2019 Excess Ewes”. Milk production records of each ewe offered for sale, and for her related females, as well as sire information, is in “Prodn Records for Sale Ewes”.

We are likely to have another similar number of excess ewes for sale in 2020, and they will be sold under the same conditions as 2019. If you are interested in being on the mailing list for this information as it becomes available in August 2020, please write to info@meadowoodfarms.com.

Ram Lambs for Sale. All sold for 2019.

In 2019 we had three ram lambs available for sale. All have been sold. Our 2019 Lacaune-sired ram lambs were born in February, sired by the Lacaune semen imported by DSANA in 2017.

Our program for selling ram lambs:

  • In January we select four ewes that we would potentially keep sale ram lambs from; this selection is based on milk yield and udder conformation.

  • We grow out these select ram lambs, and at about five months of age we assess them for conformation and structural correctness (mouth, feet, testicles, pizzle).  If they do not pass this assessment, they will not be sold as breeding rams.

  • In early summer put together a paper listing the ram lambs available, their details and pictures, and giving the dams' production information and lineage, as well as udder pictures. We generally let the rams go to buyers starting at around six months of age.

  • Price:  $800, to be picked up by September 30th.

  • We require a non-refundable 25% deposit on all breeding stock.  The order in which we receive deposits is the order of choice of ram lambs. If we cannot supply a ram lamb to you (i.e., if because of death or poor assessment we do not have enough rams to meet the received orders), we will refund your deposit.

On this page we have attached the breeding stock information we have supplied to inquiries over the last three years. We include them as a record of the type of information that we think anyone wanting to buy dairy animals should have. Information on the 2019 ram lambs, and any mature ewes that might become available in the fall, will be attached to this page as it becomes ready.

If you would like to receive this information as it becomes available, please let us know by emailing info@meadowoodfarms.com.