We embarked on our Beltie journey in 2002 when we started to build a herd of world-class Belted Galloway cattle at Meadowood Farms here in Cazenovia.  From the beginning our goal was to build a structurally- and reproductively-solid genetic pool that would help move the Belted Galloway breed forward.  To do so we focused on the genetics that we felt would most progress the breed, and aligned ourselves with the most progressive programs and people in the breed, particularly Driftwood Plantation, Stonesthrow Farm, and Southdown Farm. 

Over the years our breeding and selection program proved successful, as we were lucky enough to have our instincts rewarded in the competitive show ring.  We were able to win numerous Grand Champion Female titles, and Grand Champion Bull titles.  Two of our acquired dams, Antietam Ladybug and Enniscorthy Loretta, both purchased as young cows in 2005, have earned the Belted Galloway Society’s Platinum Lifetime Awards; and two of our home-bred bulls, Meadowood Xman and Meadowood Wayland have also earned Platinum Lifetime Awards.  We have had many home-bred animals achieve Gold Lifetime Award status (Meadowood’s Yona, Welwyn, and Uppity, and the bull Meadowood Ulysses), as well as Silver Award status (Meadowood Splendour).

In 2016 we sold our seedstock cow-calf herd to Ellen Sims of Kentucky, but retained our embryos and semen inventory, to keep our options open if we decide to begin breeding again.  In the meantime, we have acquired Beltie steers, all with Meadowood genetics in them, to expand our retail beef program.