Our meat lambs are raised by their mothers for thirty days and are then weaned onto lush spring pasture.  Each day, lambs are  given new a new "break" of grass-clover pasture and supplemented with whole grain and a mineral supplement to round out their nutritional needs. Our meat lambs are Dorper-sired, and produce an incredibly-sized loin and leg.  They are protected from coyotes by our Great Pyrenees and Maremma livestock guard dogs.

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What our customers are saying:

"I have been buying and serving Meadowood Farms Lamb for the past 2 years.  Its incredibly flavorful, and much more subtle than the imported lamb that most palates are accustomed to.  Its really delicious, and tender, and I attribute these factors to the care taken in raising them, along with their diet.  My customers love it, and I do too.   I look forward to serving Meadowood Farms lamb for many years to come! " -Tim Hardiman- The Tailor and the Cook, Utica, NY

"We only purchase our lamb from Meadowood Farms because it is the most tender, succulent lamb we have ever eaten." -Bruce Fenster and Yvonne Tallini, Baldwinsville, NY

"Meadowood Farms consistently delivers the highest quality pastured raised lamb.  They treat the animals with respect and love and you taste it in their product. Great flavor and great quality for a great price!" -Frank Albanese- Syracuse, NY