All of our meat is produced from animals raised right here at Meadowood Farms.  Our animals are grazed on pastures free of herbicides or insecticides, and are grown without the use of hormones or antibiotics in the feed.  Our animals are processed at one of three local USDA-inspected meat-processing facilities, each within a 1 1/2-hr drive from the farm.  Each meat cut is flash-frozen at the facility, and then stored at -5degF in our walk-in freezer at the farm.   We retail our meats in frozen packages, both at the farmers' markets in Cazenovia, and at our on-farm retail space.  You will find that we offer a huge variety of cuts and package sizes.  In our cuts lists below (beef, then lamb, then pork), you will find everything from center-cut steaks to convenient 1-lb packages, and everything from braising roasts to family-friendly all-beef hot dogs and bottom-round jerky.

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Lamb Price List 2018.JPG
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If you are interested in finding larger quantities of beef and lamb, go to the bottom of this page to find details on our discounted our "Boxed Beef" and "Boxed lamb" options.
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Boxed Beef & Boxed Lamb

For those who have invested in a bit of their own freezer space, and who would like to save a bit of dosh by buying larger quantities of our great meat, we do have Boxed Beef and Boxed Lamb offerings.  Each provides a range of cuts that will fit your culinary bent and/or your family's needs.

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