We raise our Belted Galloway steers on pasture, with a minimal supplement of locally-produced cracked corn. 

Our focus is on consistently providing a top-quality, nutritious, and delicious (to cattle, anyway) grass-and-clover sward to our animals.  The steers are rotationally grazed, getting a new “break”, or section, of fresh pasture three times per week.

The pastures are a mix of grasses – bluegrass, orchardgrass, timothy, bromegrass – and red and white clovers, managed to maintain a height of about 8 to 12 inches of soft, delicious mouthfuls.

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Meadowood Farms has elected to raise Belted Galloway beef, in part, because as a moderate-framed-sized breed, Belties are very efficient at converting pasture to lean meat, and require only a fraction of the grain consumed by a conventionally-raised Angus steer in the US.

All of our beef is processed at a small USDA-inspected facility in the Finger Lakes.  Packages are vacuum-sealed and flash frozen to maintain quality.  We carry a wide variety of cuts, but customers must remember that each animal only provides a few of certain cuts, so that, for instance, once we have sold the few available flank steaks, there will be no more until the next steer is processed.  But no worries – we have such a variety of cuts, no-one will be left disappointed.